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What is a DCF Secondary Annuity?

When we say DCF Secondary Annuity we refer to period certain, fixed-term annuity payments that are assigned in a ‘secondary market’ transaction with our wholesale supplier, DCF Exchange LLC.

These annuity payment streams belong to individuals who seek to sell their future payments in exchange for cash today in a ‘factoring’ transaction. Typically, the payments are guaranteed and period certain payments awarded to individuals in structured settlements. The right to receive these annuity backed future payments is transferred in a court-ordered and regulated process.

In addition to factored structured settlements, the term  secondary market annuities may also refer to in-force period certain annuities or a lottery prize payout. In any situation, these pre-defined, fixed term income streams offer a higher yield because the future payments are sold at a discount.

The vast majority of the DCF Secondary Annuities we sell, and which we focus on this website, come from structured settlements, whereby the original payee/ recipient decides to sell their future payments for cash today. Through a court-ordered assignment process, purchasers acquire the right to receive the existing payment stream from the current recipient of the income. This discounted sale transaction creates an opportunity for a profitable, safe investment in an in-force payment stream.

About DCF Secondary Annuities

DCF Secondary Annuities are discounted cash flow transactions with guaranteed payment streams backed by annuities that individuals sell at a discount.  Purchasers acquire the right to receive payments from these existing and in force annuities, and the payments occur over a specific period of time and offer a fixed rate of return.

This investment is generally considered to be a good vehicle for “safe money” savings.

Most Secondary Annuities originate as structured settlement claims.  The insurance companies that offer these fixed and period certain payments are highly rated by Standard & Poor’s and other agencies for claims paying ability.  This makes the Secondary Market Annuities we offer one of the highest yielding, and safest fixed income assets available today.

Yields on Secondary Market Annuities are higher simply because the seller of the payment stream is willing to sell at a discount for cash today.

Clients benefit from that discount and receive a higher yield on the cash flow compared to comparable annuity products available in the open markets.