Nathaniel M. Pulsifer

Nathaniel M Pulsifer is a web property of Nathaniel M. Pulsifer, who has been intimately involved in bringing secondary market annuities to investors and agents since 2010.  He started in the market as a founding partner in Annuity Straight Talk, serving investors around the country with higher yield alternative fixed income SMAs.  His experience in new business development and management led to a role at a wholesale SMA trading from 2013 to 2016 prior to starting DCF Exchange, which he continues to operate in addition to his retail sales activity at this website,

Through this website, he serves individual investors throughout the country with exclusive Secondary Market Annuities.  He also operates a wholesale trading firm, DCF Exchange, that serves Secondary Market Annuities to advisors and institutions nationwide.

Although it is a small market in the larger financial landscape, Secondary Market Annuities, or guaranteed payments from structured settlements, deserve a place in more main stream planning scenarios as they offer significant benefits to conservative investors.  Savvy buyers chose Secondary Market Annuities in lieu of other period certain assets as the yield, credit quality, and total return all make for a superior offering.

For those who want to know me a bit better…. 

From an early age I’ve enjoyed a real passion for investing and fixing things. It started with Bob Villa on “This Old House.”  I loved watching the combination of investment, skilled craftsmen, and a house with ‘good bones’ transform into a creative new use. I pretty quickly wanted to do this myself, and realized the same skills and analysis could be applied beyond real estate, to finance and other businesses.

Fresh out of college, I used my analytical financial skills and a creative vision to improve underutilized properties. This led to successful renovation and repositioning of homes, apartments, condo conversions, and eventually thoughtful land development with a heavy emphasis on land conservation. Later on, I invested in, reorganized, and sold small businesses using the same formula. The most rewarding activity, however, was communicating my vision to investors to bring projects together.

Consultative communications, investment analysis, and creative problem solving ability form the backbone of my financial career. Since 2008, I have used these skills as a financial services expert. I partner with independent, intelligent investors across the United States to build safe, flexible, guaranteed retirement income streams with annuity products. I truly enjoy helping successful people make that leap from asset accumulation to optimization for income. Like any project, it requires a little creativity, planning, and analysis to figure out the best solution.

My personal philosophy is that information is power. To that end, I have written a number of reports and guidebooks for you on safe investments and guaranteed income strategies. Feel free to email me or better yet sign up for these free publications. Once you’ve read them, you’ll probably have questions about your personal situation, so let’s set a time to talk soon!

On a personal note, I grew up in a rural community in Ipswich, Massachusetts, then moved west to attend Colorado College. After college, between travels in the Himalayas and two years in a support capacity in the US Antarctic Research Program, I built my real estate holdings in Colorado, Montana, Arizona, and Oregon. Hooked on fresh air and mountain living, I moved to Whitefish, Montana in 2007, a wonderful small town where my wife and daughters and I raft, hunt, fish, hike, and ski in our backyard.

I built my business online because I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, and with the web, I can reach out to people nationwide from this beautiful but out of the way spot.

I hope this brief biography inspires you to share your story with me as well. I look forward to working with you.

Nathaniel “Than” Pulsifer