Quick Close SMA Case Study

The In Stock SMA Experience Strikes Again!

A client called Friday afternoon, late, looking at our SMA Inventory.  He was looking for a place for safe money for his elderly mother. He’d been watching our list for a few weeks, but chase a rainbow and made the mistake of reserving several cases from another vendor.

After 3 of his 6 cases from ‘the other guy’ fell apart, he called us back and reserved a 2 year short lump sum as a perfect CD replacement for his mother’s matured CD.

The client and his mother had but two pieces of paper to sign- the Purchase Order, then the Irrevocable Assignment.  He got the full closing book over the weekend, and arranged her wire on Monday.

By Wednesday, the case was closed, and the only delay was due to the slowness of the banks in processing the wire transfer.

If you are ready for the ‘In Stock” SMA experience, give us a call!

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